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Anonymous asked: What do you suggest a girl wears for the summer in Barcelona, that also matches with Barcelona style?Is daytime casual? Is nighttime fancy? How many pairs of heels are a must?

I hear in the summer it can get pretty hot and humid so i’d bring light clothes but still no daisy duke shorts if you want to blend in or else you’ll get lots of unwanted attention. Casual dresses /skirts and airy tops will be perfect for the upcoming season.

For night time people do dress up a bit. Usually only Americans show up super skimpy looking to nightclubs and bars. Locals look more put together usually with tights/stockings on if they are wearing a shorts or short dresses but a nice top and dark pants is totally normal. A good trick to lessen the amount of clothes you bring is using different accessories with the same main pieces to make your outfits look different. (no one knew I used the same black dress over and over!)

Comfortable heels/shoes are a must! You will be walking everywhere, my advice is take no more than 2 or 3 heels. I’d recommend bringing cute comfy flats as substitutes. Also, know your shoes are going to take a beating!

No one really warned me about how much walking you’ll be doing so here’s my warning to you hahaha. Also, Barcelona has great shopping so if anything, shop less before you leave to save you money to shop when you get there. You’ll have a much better idea if what you’ll need/want to use once you’re there.

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What do people wear here?

This is something I was clueless about before coming here, Barcelona Fashion. As I was packing I was told a bunch of different things: lots of layers, boho, normal clothes. All of this was pretty vague and when I googled “barcelona fashion” I was taken to a tourist website with a girl wearing a skirt past the knee and a top. ┬áNo help.

There are tons of different styles here in Barcelona so don’t feel you need to totally change your style before you come here. I took it upon myself to take some random photos of people on the street to help you out. (It’s a good thing my iPhone is discreet. Excuse the blurry ones, I usually take these as I’m walking to class haha.)

These are examples of typical barcelona women. Not over the top, but put together. As you can see lots of layers, scarves, and boots or flats. ┬áPack comfortable shoes that can take a beating! I’ve walked more here than I ever have in my life! Spanish women hardly ever show their bare legs. Many of them wear dresses, skirts, shorts but all with different colored/patterned tights or leggings underneath. Leather, Jean, and Canvas jackets are also pretty big here.

You hardly ever see spanish women in yoga pants and a sweatshirt on the street so if your plan is to look like a local, you’ll probably only need a pair to go to the gym, if any.

If you like nothing that they’re wearing, know purses with zipper closures are a must here! Beware of pick-pocketers!

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