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Anonymous asked: Have you been to any Barcelona nightlife? What kind of purse would you take to that so you can dance freely, and not worry about pick pocketing?

I did go out at night and pick pocketing is very common. I know so many people who lost stuff but I fortunately never got pick pocketed. I only brought an MK wristlet that zips when I went out. It’s cute, compact and discreet! I could hold it in my hand while dancing and it fit my ID money and iphone (i’ll post a photo of it in another post).

These are the tricks I used to make sure I never lost anything: If you do take your iphone/camera out to a club be careful who you ask to take your picture and when you take your own pictures. Pick pocketers love these things! Also, don’t bring too much money/credit cards whenever you go out, because if you do get pick pocketed you won’t be losing everything (it’s a huge pain to get everything replaced). Have emergency money (just enough for a taxi ride back home) stowed away somewhere safe just incase (i would put it in my sock since I wore boots in the winter). I Hope I didn’t scare you, don’t be scared!! Honestly just be aware of your surroundings, follow my easy tips and you’ll be fine. :)

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